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Before the book is published, researching history about the Spanish Era in Alta California can help understand the historical references, how California was forged with expeditions, and why these journeys became even more significant. When you gain insight into the opportunities and dangers faced by our forbearer's, it can also be a great opportunity to research your ancestry and enhance your family story.


  1. This book takes place during the American Revolutionary War. Why did the King of Spain, Carlos III, enter into the war?

  2. By 1769, Alta California began to decline. What were the reasons of the decline economically and religiously?

  3. What made King Carlos III become suddenly interested in sending expeditions after 1769?

  4. In the eyes of Spain, why were the presidios and missions the most important during the Spanish Era, 1776 – 1821?

  5. Many of the recruited members for the 1781 expeditions from Mexico to Alta California were the founders and first settlers of the City of Los Angeles. What is the background of the search for recruits and why were they selected for the expeditions? HINT: Captain Fernando Rivera and Governor de Neve.

  6. Discuss Spain’s plan for the settlement and occupation of Alta California and other frontier territories that depended on three interdependent institutions: the mission, the presidio, and the pueblo or civil settlement. Why were each of these institutions considered an essential element in the Spanish conquest of the American Southwest? Discuss separately.