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About Diane

The Short Story


Crime Prevention Expert, Safety Advisor, Speaker


A Los Angeles County Sheriff academy graduate, DIANE ROBINSON worked in municipal law enforcement for thirty-five years and retired as a Sergeant in the Community Affairs office, a liaison forage to investigate and find crime prevention and intervention solutions on social and community issues in partnerships with residents, schools, businesses and organizations. Excellent fodder for her passion as a writer of crime.


Coupled with martial arts training in the mid-1960s, studying under Chuck Norris and earning belts in Taekwondo, Diane’s passion in law enforcement to protect the livelihood, property, safety and peace of the community led to serving and providing men, women, children, seniors, handicapped, and students. The Unique Triple A Safety Program with the concepts of being ALERT, AWARE and AVOID.


She is an active volunteer member and docent of various non-profit and civic organizations, historical and writing societies, such as Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and CBW-Los Angeles. She is also a former library trustee, undertaking a Doctorate in Public Administration degree, and currently providing dignitary and entertainment protection.


Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Diane is a descendant of circa 1700s Francisco Xavier Sepúlveda, patriarch of the prominent Spanish Mexican family in the early days of California, whose family history is tied to the Rancho de los Palos Verdes Peninsula areas, such as the well-known Sepulveda Street. She is currently working on a murder-mystery book on the 1781 expedition into Alta California.


As a lifelong mystery enthusiast, she sets down her quill and spends her free time between Southern California, Washington, and Canada painting, reading mystery and crime fiction books, volunteer and docent activities, riding her horse and being involved in nature and historical conservation.


Her published book, The Unique Triple A™ Safety Handbook: How to Defend Yourself Without a Fight is designed to help people become more safety and security conscious by focusing on three basic aspects:


Alertness ~ Awareness ~ Avoidance


Diane is currently writing a series of The Unique Triple A programs for children and seniors.

The Long Story


I was born, raised and grew up in Southern California, not in beach cities, but in an urban area of diversity where crime was a little higher. Like any active Southern California girl, I loved sports, but loved the thrill more of danger and suspense, like racing cars and solving Sherlock Holmes mysteries and puzzles. When I graduated from high school, I went to a cosmetology school and became a hairdresser to solve “hair issues” for about 10 years. The landlord resided next to the beauty salon and was also a police officer, so every day I got to witness handsome uniformed patrol officers stop by.


It wasn’t an unreasonable hypothesis based on my love of crime and mystery, I devoured since childhood, that I transferred jobs from “frizz to fuzz,” working first as a Reserve Officer in the capacity of “undercover” with the Vice & Narcotics officers at the local race track for illicit activities. Seemed we had two things beloved by cops: hot coffee and arresting the bad guys. It was exciting.


After a year of undercover work I applied as a regular police officer and endured the tough six month training at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy. Needless to say, it wasn’t all a bed of roses with hot coffee and donuts. In the 70s, women going in patrol were not popular within a man’s “domain.” Yet, I made it through persistence, hard work, confidence and determination.


My police training in defensive driving led me to stunts, a SAG card and later entertainment protection. I also managed to obtain an A.A. Degree in Police Science, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Affairs, a Master in Business Administration Degree in Public Administration.


The highlights of my career were receiving the South Bay Medal of Valor Distinguished Service Award, and the Delinquency Control Institute/U.S.C. Academic Excellence Award at USC.


It was Serendipity to be a trailblazer woman in law enforcement and help make a path in the 70s and 80s for careers in law enforcement for women.


After retiring I wanted to continue making a difference in communities and public administration concerns. I returned to school to undertake a Doctorate in Public Administration while successfully running for an elective position as a Trustee at a local library. It was those years as an elected official and a library volunteer surrounded by shelves of suspense, mystery, crime and self-improvement books, I knew I wanted to write on what I knew best– murder, suspense, and crime prevention that could make a difference.


So, when you ask why I write, now you know.

Diane Robinson: Author, Self-Defense Expert