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The Unique Triple A™


The Unique Triple A™ Safety Handbook: How to Defend Yourself Without a Fight was designed as a guide to provide three strategies:

1) eliminate potential dangers by being more ALERT to surroundings;

2) be more AWARE to recognize potential threats at the earliest possible stages, and

3) AVOID potential dangers or threats. Like disaster prevention practice, crime prevention is also a mindset of preparedness. Much in the same way, the following Aesop fable taught a moral lesson and addressed the difference between resourceful expediency and a master stratagem of prevention.


1.) In the book, page 440, the fable was applied as a group discussion using the three concepts, ALERT, AWARE, AVOID.


Recommended questions should include: If you were the fox, what would you have done differently based on the Triple A concept? What is the moral of the story based on safety strategies you learned in the book? Why is the cat able to escape the hounds? Why is the fox unable to escape? Did the cat AVOID being a victim? How? What about the fox?



An Aesop Fable


A fox and cat were out walking when the fox began boasting to the cat his clever devices for escaping from any situation.

“I have a whole bag of tricks that contain a hundred ways to escape from my enemies.”

“I have only one, but it has always worked for me,” said the cat. “I think it is better to have one trick that works than waste time attempting to choose from a hundred that might.”

“No, that is just too dumb and not clever enough,” said the fox.

Just then, they heard the cries of a pack of hounds growing nearer, and the cat immediately scampered up a tree and hid in the branches.

“That was my one trick, what is yours?” said the cat to the fox.

The fox began to think of one way, then of another, like run, hide or jump in a burrow. While debating, the hounds came nearer and nearer, and at last the fox in his hesitation to find a burrow to fit his body, the fox wasted time. Confused by so many choices, the hounds soon caught him and was killed by the huntsmen. The cat, who had been looking on, said: “Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon.”


2.) Is the overall crime rate increasing or decreasing where you live? What would you do for personal and community safety?