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I have to confess. My passions are Crime and Survival.


I am an Author, Speaker, Bodyguard and retired Police Sergeant.

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I am also a mistress of mystery, crime fiction, solving crimes and survival in making a difference through hints and clues of quality resources and books that benefit people and the communities in which they live.

My passion started in the police academy thirty-five years ago. Thirty-five years as a law enforcement officer with assignments from Hostage Negotiations to Community Affairs.

As a result, I’ve taken all my experience and knowledge to paper and pen. Now, instead of chasing crime, I’m writing it – and getting away with murder with 2 books: The Unique Triple A™ Safety Handbook: How to Defend Yourself Without a Fight (Available on Amazon. ISBN: 9780991509607) and 9 Pieces of Me: A Forgotten Trail Covered with Secrets and Betrayals.


9 Pieces of Me: A Forgotten Trail Covered with Secrets and Betrayals. A historical fictional murder mystery first novel series of a Spanish-Mexican trailblazing soldier turned detective in a cat and mouse survival game with a malevolent beast in early Alta California. Follow the epic adventures of a Spanish soldado in three series. Coming soon!

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